Great Savings 60 – Embrace Change

Change is inevitable and yet we resist it. Sometimes we resist it with every fiber of our being. If you feel stuck financially or otherwise, it’s worth asking the following question: “Are you resisting an important change you need to make due to some underlying emotion?” Continue reading

Great Savings 59 – Build Hope For The Long-Term


This beautiful sunset promises a bright new day.

Do you hold hope for the future?

Nothing kills a savings plan faster than the inability to think long-term. For some thinking long-term is easy. For others, the lack of hope for something better makes the very notion of long-term investing feel like an impossible dream. Yet it’s worth asking: Is hope something that happens to us by chance or something we hold the power to create? Continue reading

Great Savings 58 – Stop Lying To Yourself


gst58-numberWhat’s the biggest impediment to improving your lifestyle or better still getting rich? Maybe it has nothing to do with having enough money. Maybe it’s more simple. Maybe it’s more in how you fail to make money a priority. In essence, how you lie to yourself about an ongoing financial situation. Don’t believe it? Then consider these questions: Continue reading

Great Savings 57 – Meet Problems Head On


Are you ignoring a big financial problem?

If you’ve been sitting on a problem for awhile, maybe it’s time to change things up.

When it comes to the world of debt and savings, most everyone has experienced a situation where they put an important decision on hold and it created a much bigger problem down the road. Time has a way of compounding and confusing the issues. That’s why facing problems head on is so important for building a brighter future. But what if the change you seek feels too hard or you always end up coming up with another excuse for why it didn’t happen? Are you doomed to repeat the same pattern again and again or can you really make a change? Continue reading

Great Savings 52 – Think Outside The Box



JB’s stuck in a financial box. Things look different from the inside peering out.

Is money tight? Having trouble getting out of debt? Are you trying hard, but can’t save a dime? Do you constantly spend more than you mean to? Maybe money isn’t the real issue. Perhaps you’ve unintentionally locked yourself inside a box and haven’t considered what life looks like from the outside. Continue reading

Great Savings #48 – Focus On Prosperity



What do you see as you look at this picture? A curious baby? A proud father or grandpa? An extra burden on the family budget? What we see says a lot about who we are and what we expect. This is an example of the power of the mind at work.

We have only so much time in a day to focus our precious mental energy on the things we do. Focus on the wrong things and we risk spending time and resources in a way that define and set limits over everything else we might accomplish. Focus on the right things and we open ourselves to a multitude of opportunities. How we spend our metal energy is therefore critically important to all life’s business. And no where do we feel the impact more than when it comes to eliminating debt or creating prosperity.


The mind is a powerful tool. Every day men and women come up with new ideas, new inventions, and new technologies by focusing their mental energy on problems set before them. Interestingly, human experience proves time and again that the mere act of thinking about a problem is often the prime requirement for coming up with a solution. Achievements like flying to the moon, building pyramids or creating the virtual world of the internet ought to remind us that the capacity to accomplish great things is limited only by our capacity to dream them. Continue reading

Great Savings 43 – Give More With Less


It’s easy to go into debt without meaning to. That’s especially true during the holidays. One reason we do it is we confuse giving with the expression of love. Love is boundless. It knows no limits. When we give to those we love it’s only natural to want to give more than we can afford. The trouble comes when we go to pay the bill. Thus, in the spirit of imparting love to friends and family on a more conscious basis, consider trying one of the 12 gift-giving tips below. Continue reading

Great Savings 42 – Spend Less Than You Earn


Want a simple formula that guarantees a way to get ahead? This formula is so straight-forward few people ever see the incredible potential built into it. In fact, those who use it on a daily basis can almost guarantee their personal financial success. But we warn you: Even though the formula is simple, applying it takes discipline. Continue reading

Great Savings 34 – Cash Is King


Cash vs credit: Which is best?

Hey, I thought I was king!

Banks count on us to use their debit and credit cards. They make money on every transaction and then interest on top of it. Is it any wonder they’re attempting to turn smart phones into the next credit cards with fancy new apps? Never doubt they’re invested in making buying convenient—not when their ability to profit is at stake. Continue reading

Great Savings #33 – Protect Your Credit


Bad credit can hurt in many different ways. And it’s not always in the obvious places.

If you believe the cost of living is unaffected by your credit history and credit score you may want to reconsider. A credit score is a number based on a complex mathematical formula that tries to evaluate your riskiness as a potential customer. The score is based on your history of the lack thereof. In other words, your history works for or against you and is used by companies to determine whether you’re a good bet to pay your bills on time. Here’s the problem: A low credit score means you pay more for just about everything. Don’t believe it? Then you’d best read on. Continue reading


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