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Chicka ‘n Dee – Aunt Bess

Dee has some unsettling news for Chicka in today’s Chicka ‘n Dee comic… Continue reading

Great Savings 56 – Lead With The Details


This is Great Savings 56 - Sweat The DetailsWhy do anything in life halfway? Thomas Paine, one of our founding fathers has often been quoted as saying, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” When it comes to finances, it’s worth thinking about this approach to maximize savings, cut expenses, and invest for the long-term. Continue reading

JB – It’s Flu Season


Is JB prepared for the flu season? Find out in today’s Adventures of Javabird comic… Continue reading

Great Savings #45 – Save On Heating and Air Conditioning


Older homes tend to be less efficient.

Are you spending too much on heating and cooling? To improve your odds take a look at the following ideas.

According to the US Department of Energy heating and air conditioning make up about 43 percent of a typical monthly utility bill—in other words, almost half. Though local climate and living conditions can severely impact the various options available to save power and money, almost everyone can do something. Here are 15 ideas to get started: Continue reading

Great Savings 43 – Give More With Less


It’s easy to go into debt without meaning to. That’s especially true during the holidays. One reason we do it is we confuse giving with the expression of love. Love is boundless. It knows no limits. When we give to those we love it’s only natural to want to give more than we can afford. The trouble comes when we go to pay the bill. Thus, in the spirit of imparting love to friends and family on a more conscious basis, consider trying one of the 12 gift-giving tips below. Continue reading

Great Savings 35 – Wait To Buy


Sometimes the things we see create a real need we wish to satisfy.

The clothes are cute, but they aren’t on the list. Will you buy them anyway?

Imagine you walk into a store. You see the coolest new 3D TV or a killer pair of heels. You fall instantly in love and pull out your wallet. Or you walk into the grocery store and see an amazing cake in the bakery section. It’s not on your list, but it’s your favorite fudge chocolate and screams, “Eat me!”


Are you ever lured in by the unexpected as you walk down the aisles? Not only is there an excellent chance the answer is yes, the stores design the flow of traffic and create incredible displays to tempt us into buying on impulse. Here’s how to fight back. Continue reading

Great Savings 34 – Cash Is King


Cash vs credit: Which is best?

Hey, I thought I was king!

Banks count on us to use their debit and credit cards. They make money on every transaction and then interest on top of it. Is it any wonder they’re attempting to turn smart phones into the next credit cards with fancy new apps? Never doubt they’re invested in making buying convenient—not when their ability to profit is at stake. Continue reading

Great Savings 31 – Talk $ense


Dialing on a land line.

How much are you spending for phone service every month? Are you getting your money’s worth?

When it comes to talking, texting, playing games or surfing the internet, we all like our phones. Whether they’re land lines or smart phones with all the latest applications, phones have a way of bringing us together or getting us out of a jam in an emergency. That makes them convenient, but is the convenience really worth the cost? If you have both a land line and mobile phone you can easily be spending $200 a month or more for phone service. That’s $2400 a year or $24,000 over the next 10 years—an incredible sum when you stop to consider it. If you’d like to start spending less, maybe it’s time to consider the options. Continue reading

Great Savings 27 – Buy In Bulk


For some people buying in bulk becomes an obsession—and for good cause. When you buy in bulk, your per unit cost of food (and thus your per unit serving cost) goes down and that cost reduction can really add up. For example, if you cook for a family of four and can cut just 25 cents off the cost of a serving, your meal costs a dollar less. Add that amount up over the course of a year and you save $365! However, buying in bulk doesn’t guarantee you’ll end up with the best deal. That’s why smart shoppers use these 8 Bulk Buying Tips: Continue reading

JB In The Corn With Oliver


Today’s Adventures of Javabird comic… Continue reading


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