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Household Hazardous Waste: Coming Clean


Find a recycling center that handles florescent lights.

That florescent light just burned out. Can you just toss it in the trash? Hold on, CFL’s and florescent tubes contain mercury.

Go ahead, admit it. You’ve had this dream you’re sitting on enough hazardous waste at home you expect to be arrested by the garbage police at any moment. This all stems from your anxiety someone actually sorts through your garbage and has noticed you sneaking dead batteries and CFL’s (compact florescent light bulbs) in with the rest of the trash. Oh, and should we mention all those old bottles of cleaning supplies, cans of oil-based paint, jugs of used motor oil, unknown half-full bags of fertilizer, solvents and more? If truth be told, you know this stuff probably shouldn’t be going into the trash, but just what is one supposed to do with it? Continue reading

Home Project Tip 15 – Changing A Light Fixture


Another Home Project Tip from Javabird.comZap! That’s the sound you want to avoid at all costs when you’re doing a project involving electricity. No one wants to end up with a short circuit, start a fire, get shocked, or create a problem bigger than the one they started with. For that reason, if you haven’t done an electrical repair in the home before it might be well worth investing in a basic book on wiring or seek out a professional to do the job for you. However, some electrical projects are fairly simple and straightforward. For example, changing out a wall or ceiling mounted light fixture. Let me show you how a recent change went at my house. Continue reading

Great Savings #45 – Save On Heating and Air Conditioning


Older homes tend to be less efficient.

Are you spending too much on heating and cooling? To improve your odds take a look at the following ideas.

According to the US Department of Energy heating and air conditioning make up about 43 percent of a typical monthly utility bill—in other words, almost half. Though local climate and living conditions can severely impact the various options available to save power and money, almost everyone can do something. Here are 15 ideas to get started: Continue reading

Great Savings #41 – Embrace Cooking From Scratch




When you cook from scratch, you can control what goes into your meals, like these beautiful, organic locally grown vegetables.


Would you like to save money while eating the healthiest food possible? Then embrace cooking from scratch. No one can argue the convenience of buying foods that are pre-processed or prepared to order. Yet the cost of these foods is higher, and they come with serious risks to your family’s long-term health. Continue reading

Great Savings 39 – Grow Your Own Produce


What good is saving money and building wealth if it means lowering the quality of life? In today’s tip, we’ll discuss how you can have it all. Not only can you save on fresh produce, but you can insure your family is eating their healthiest. Continue reading

Great Savings #30 – Save Gas


Pumping gasoline.

Are you shocked by the high cost of a single fill up? Have you ever considered how much you spend filling your car up over its lifetime?

We’re making this easy. We did the math for you. If you drive your car 100,000 over the course of its life and get 25 miles to the gallon, you’ll end up buying 4000 gallons of gas. Assume gas costs an average of $4 per gallon. That equates to $16,000 you’ll need to, “Fill it up!” And when you start tacking on other expenses like oil changes, repairs, new tires, insurance and the like that figure can easily double. That’s a lot of cash.


Unfortunately, not everyone can afford  a new super-efficient vehicle. Thus, to get the best efficiency from your existing car, be sure to use these 8 quick tips for saving money at the pump: Continue reading

Spring Is In The Air


I can’t help it. I love spring. The flowers are blooming, the leaves are popping and there’s hope for summer right around the bend. I took these shots while I was out walking this past weekend. Click on the pictures to expand them and use your browser to come back. Enjoy! Continue reading

Speedo: Tale Of A True Champion


Speedo was so cute--just a few inches across.


Growing up in the generation of Walt Disney, I learned how all critters great and small have complicated “personalities”. Old Walt personified everything—cats and dogs, brooms and fish, teapots and even candlesticks.  Is it any wonder that whenever I encounter an animal, especially one in the wild, I can’t resist imagining what it’s thinking?  Don’t worry, I’m not completely hopeless—at least not yet. The adult part of me realizes critters don’t really have conversations or think as humans do.  Still, my “inner Disney” often rules the day… Continue reading

The 7 Best Ideas For Saving Energy At Home


Remember to turn off lights to save power.There’s no doubt about it.  Energy costs continue to rise.  That makes it  important to take all the steps you can to reduce energy consumption if you want to keep a tight rein on your budget.  What are some of the best ideas?  We’ve composed this list of seven below: Continue reading

Going Green Doesn’t Mean Fertilize


Go green by replacing or cutting out part of your lawn.


American’s love their lawns or so it would seem from all the grass we plant.  However, lawns are an unnatural alternative to Mother Nature and as such turn out to be a threat to air and water quality.  And the issue isn’t just about us—it’s about all the plants and animals we displace. Continue reading


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