Home Project Tip 15 – Changing A Light Fixture


Another Home Project Tip from Javabird.comZap! That’s the sound you want to avoid at all costs when you’re doing a project involving electricity. No one wants to end up with a short circuit, start a fire, get shocked, or create a problem bigger than the one they started with. For that reason, if you haven’t done an electrical repair in the home before it might be well worth investing in a basic book on wiring or seek out a professional to do the job for you. However, some electrical projects are fairly simple and straightforward. For example, changing out a wall or ceiling mounted light fixture. Let me show you how a recent change went at my house. Continue reading

Great Savings 32 – Cut The Cost Of Home Ownership


There are many costs in home ownership besides the purchase price.

This big, beautiful house costs more than it lists for.

As you go to buy a house you’ll look at a list price. Often, you can dicker over the number, but the price that ends up on your purchase contract still represents a fraction of the home’s real cost. Why? Because a list price doesn’t include interest charges on the mortgage, mortgage insurance, certain costs to close the deal, and all the maintenance, property taxes and homeowner’s insurance you’ll spend over the years. In short, the list price is only the beginning. Continue reading

Woofda 2.2 – New House


If you want to do a job right you’ve got to do it yourself in today’s Life With A Dog comic adventure… Continue reading

Home Project Tip 14 – Adjustable Shelving


Thank goodness for adjustable shelving.

We needed a solution for my wife’s craft supplies.

Tired of tripping over a room full of stuff? Have too much clutter and don’t know what to do with it. The answer may be as easy as adding additional shelving to a room. Fortunately, companies like Lowe’s and Home Depot make this process easy as they stock a variety of shelving products. In today’s Home Project Tip I’ll show you what we did for my wife’s crafting supplies, and you can take it from there. Continue reading

7 Tips To Find Nice Affordable Rentals



A cheap apartment complex may not be the only answer.

Looking for something better, but need to watch your costs? Then check out these tips.

For most people rent is their biggest monthly expense. Worse, every dollar paid in rent is a dollar gone forever. That’s why it is critical to get your money’s worth when you go to rent housing. In this article, we discuss seven proven tips to slash your rent with the goal of living in a nicer place than you do right now. Continue reading

JB Is King Of His Domain

Today’s Adventures of Javabird comic… Continue reading

Sour Grapes: Are Home Wine Cellars Worth It?


A wine cellar.


Like wine? I do. I’m no expert, but I drink enough wine I usually keep a number of bottles on hand. After all, you never quite know if you’ll want a Syrah, Chardonnay, Cabernet or something else to go with a particular meal. This brings up an interesting question: What’s the best way to store wine if you don’t have a wine cellar? Continue reading

Home Project Tip 13 – Installing Cabinet Knobs



Installing cabinet handles and knobs isn't exactly rocket science.


A few months ago I installed some cabinets in my laundry room. These have been great for the added storage, but until yesterday they never had knobs. Installing knobs or pulls isn’t rocket science, but there are a few things to pay attention to as you go about the job. Continue reading

Great Savings 4: Make Your Own Repairs


Make your own repairs to save money.

Do you call a repairman every time a home appliance, household items, or your car quits working? Repair bills contain charges for materials and labor. If you have the extra time and are willing to try and fix an item yourself, you can potentially save thousands of dollars over the long haul on the labor. However, it’s rare when you should expect to handle everything that comes your way. That’s why it pays to know what jobs to try, and which ones you should turn over to an expert. Continue reading

Blown! My Power Is Out



Take these steps to prepare for a power outage.


Though there’s no doubt our ongoing recession has taken its toll, I still consider myself lucky to live in a time when I can count on something as basic as uninterrupted power—well, except for the occasional winter storm that rushes in and starts knocking out electricity.  To be sure, most power outages are short-lived events, but it still pays to be prepared.  Here are some simple steps you can take to prepare for the next power outage and keep your family safe.
Continue reading


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