How do you measure your actions? Do you care for others because you feel obligated? Do you ignore those in need? Do you ever help another just because it feels right? How do your words come across? Are they sweet and kind or callous and cruel? Do they sooth like honey or cut like a blade? Are the things you say and do meant to build others up or to tear them down? We think Aesop had a point when he said:


Aesop: No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

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Ever felt like you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time? Was that a consequence of luck, fate, or something more significant? Ever felt wronged, snubbed, or pushed around? Did it leave you feeling like the world was out of control? Ever felt so hurt by someone it left you thinking the damage couldn’t be undone? Is that really the way the universe works? In truth, aren’t we ultimately the sum of all our decisions? And if so, then does any decision ever need to be complete in itself or forever unchangeable? When you blame others for your circumstances you give away your power and allow others to hold you hostage to it. When you truly come to understand the power in making decisions, you see no one else has more ability to change anything and everything about your life than you do. We like the way Steven Covey put it in this quote. Continue reading

The Power To Create: My Journey As An Author


Woe Man the novel: All the rules have changed.

Bob Anderson just published his first novel Woe Man.

How does one excel? Being good enough to stand out takes practice. Mastering an art form or profession requires ongoing effort and undying commitment. Honing skills is important, but having a real knack for the special thing you do may be even more critical. Some require a constant source of inspiration for success. Others seem blessed by good fortune or the genetic pool. Perfecting an attitude of stubborn resilience never hurts—for all those moments that tempt you to quit. For a lucky few, excelling is a breeze. For the rest, a bumpy ride. In case you wonder, I drive that rust bucket in the back of the line.


Ever since my college days, I knew I wanted to write a novel. I never considered myself gifted. In no shape or form was churning out stories or poems a part of the equation.  I suppose it was more about my experience of being transported out of my body by the books I read. In other words, books literally sucked me in and took over my life for the short time I got caught up reading them. It was magic and I wanted to be a part of it. Continue reading



What harm in forgiving? What cost in refusing to let go? Have you ever felt wronged? Ever been snubbed? Do you embrace the slight and turn it into bitter pain or anguish? Do you hang on to it to play victim or secretly plan some ultimate vengeance? Instead, couldn’t you simply let go? We think Confucius had a great point about finding inner peace when he said: Continue reading



Do you prefer to go it alone? Would you rather be wrong than listen to someone else telling you how to do it? Do you ever tire of mistakes? Do you feel most mistakes are avoidable? Are some mistakes inevitable? What is the worst mistake you ever made? Do you wish others might learn from your error? Have you ever witnessed someone making a terrible mistake? Do you try to warn them of their folly? Do they stop and listen? We think Alfred Sheinhold had great point when he said… Continue reading


Do you ever wish for a different life? An easier relationship? A nicer car, boat, or house? If your wish was granted would your life automatically be better? Would you end up with fewer obligations? Would you have to work harder or longer to cover the costs? Would there be new costs or obligations you didn’t expect? Would you end up hurting someone along the way? Would you become a better, stronger, more fulfilled person for the change? How important is a having a sense of gratitude when it comes to wanting change? We think Socrates nailed it when he said… Continue reading

In The Face Of Darkness

What can you say of a person who is deaf, mute, and blind and still holds out hope for the future? In truth, aren’t the limits we place upon ourselves limits of the mind rather than limits of our senses? Optimism is a state of being. That means it is a choice to find the light of hope where others may see only darkness. We like how Helen Keller put it in this quote. Continue reading

Where The Truth Lies

Have you ever been caught in a lie? How did it feel? Did your face turn beet red as your cheeks burned up? What is the real cost of a lie? Does it matter if we tell a “few little fibs” if we believe the truth will be too hard to swallow? Is telling a lie guaranteed to come back and bite you? Do you ever tell different people different versions of the truth? Do you ever worry they might compare notes? We think Mark Twain made a great observation on the price of lying in this quote: Continue reading

The Power In Numbers

What can anyone really accomplish in isolation? As individuals, aren’t we better off when we don’t need to figure everything out by ourselves? To some degree, don’t we all rely on the critical lessons, support, and care of others on daily basis? Aren’t differing opinions a means to refine our views and come up with better solutions to the challenges we face? Isn’t the sick person, the frightened child, the disabled woman, the elderly man better off when others reach to lend a hand? We think Helen Keller had an excellent point when she said… Continue reading

Other Plans

Does your life feel out of control? Do things always go the way you envision they should? Are there ever any unexpected surprises along the way? Do you consider yourself spontaneous, or does every unexpected turn leave you in a state of distress? We like what John Lennon implied about controlling life in this quote. Continue reading


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