Do you ever wish for a different life? An easier relationship? A nicer car, boat, or house? If your wish was granted would your life automatically be better? Would you end up with fewer obligations? Would you have to work harder or longer to cover the costs? Would there be new costs or obligations you didn’t expect? Would you end up hurting someone along the way? Would you become a better, stronger, more fulfilled person for the change? How important is a having a sense of gratitude when it comes to wanting change? We think Socrates nailed it when he said… Continue reading

Other Plans

Does your life feel out of control? Do things always go the way you envision they should? Are there ever any unexpected surprises along the way? Do you consider yourself spontaneous, or does every unexpected turn leave you in a state of distress? We like what John Lennon implied about controlling life in this quote. Continue reading

Hand That’s Dealt

People are different. We have different backgrounds, genes, cultures, ideas, skills, talents, and wealth. Put them altogether and our differences define us. They separate us. They motivate us and drive us to change. Yet not all differences are external. Sometimes differences are better measured by time. Don’t we all have the ability to learn and grow through our experiences? And yet when it comes to coping with life’s challenges, isn’t it better to accept the hand that’s dealt? In other words, isn’t it better to deal with our circumstances based on who we are in the moment, rather than who we wish we were, or who we were in the past? Josh Billings was the pen name of 19th-century American humorist Henry Wheeler Shaw. We like what he implied about muddling through life in this quote… Continue reading

Focus On The Light

Is there a way out of that hole you crawled into? How do you bootstrap yourself up when things look their bleakest? How do you shake off confusion and clutter when you feel overwhelmed? Is hope ever farther away than our ability to imagine better times ahead, or to be thankful and recognize the good in our lives? The ancient philosopher Aristotle spoke of this when he said: Continue reading

Expressing Gratitude

Are you thankful for the life you have? How do you show it? Is it more important to utter a few words of thanks or to act on your feelings? Do you ever express your gratitude by writing it down? When something or someone really touches you do you ever meditate or pray because of it? Do you regularly offer your hand or a hug to show others how much you appreciate them? Would you volunteer your time or services if someone who had extended to you now needs help? Would you extend the same courtesy to a complete stranger as a way to show thanks to others? We think John F. Kennedy had an excellent point when he said… Continue reading

From The Shadow Of Fear

What does it mean to be brave? Are some uniquely gifted to battle on in the face of their fear? Is courage a state of mind? Are those who we deem most courageous immune to fear or are they just better at overcoming it? Could an act of courage be as simple as pushing through a fear at a critical moment? Is there some way you let fear rule your life? Do you see a way to overcome your biggest fears? We like what Mark Twain said about courage and fear in this quote: Continue reading


If you need to fix a complicated problem or desire to achieve an important goal how will you go about it? Will you seek out help? Will you attempt it on your own? Will you try enlisting a friend to assist you? What if your friend offers a better solution than the one you came up with? Do you see yourself acknowledging him for it or will you tell others it was all your idea? And what if someone you dislike or even despise insists on helping you? Will you give them credit in the spirit of selflessness or will you allow your feelings to get in the way? We think Harry S. Truman had an excellent point when he said… Continue reading


How do you know when you’re on the right track? Is it simply a matter of having enough life experience to know you prefer going one way over another? Do you see life happening to you or do you engage it by making every choice matter? Are you content to let others tell you what to do, or would you prefer to shut out their voices and follow your heart? If a hike brought you to the edge of a bramble-filled forest, would you poke around the edges seeking out a trail, or would you whip out a machete and carve a new path? George Bernand Shaw shared an interesting thought about life in this quote: Continue reading

Songs Of The Heart

What song lies buried in your heart? Do you need permission to sing it? Are you waiting for someone else to tell you whether it is good enough—in other words, whether you are good enough? Can you find happiness in the simple act of being and expressing who you are? Is it enough to follow your heart, or do you feel compelled to rely on others to discover truth or meaning? Are you grateful for the life you have? Can you find beauty, joy, or some degree of peace in accepting who you are? Should who you are or what you do have to mean anything to anyone but you? We like what Maya Angelou expressed about being in this quote… Continue reading

Uniquely You

If someone asked how you’re any different than the person sitting next to you, what would you say? Maybe a better question is how you’re the same? Don’t you have a unique set of life experiences? Aren’t your memories yours and yours alone? Does anyone else really have same set of abilities you do? In fact, when you add up the sum total of your life, is it even possible for anyone to be remotely like you? And if it isn’t, shouldn’t the concept of “uniqueness” be like a healing balm—one with the power to set you free? In other words, why spend so much time acting the same, dressing the same, or liking all the same things your friends do when the point is you will experience them differently? We like what Neil Gaiman said about being uniquely you in this quote… Continue reading


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