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All You Need Is Love


The heart has long been the symbol of love and love is definitely one of those things worth celebrating. So celebrate! Here’s a little love to get you started. Continue reading

Wisdom Of The Ages

How do you measure age? Should it be a simple calculation based on years? Would it be better to create a formula measured by life experiences? Why do some people seem older than their physical years? Why do some of the oldest people we run into have the brightest, most youthful spirit? Are the dreams of youth destined to fade into distant memories? Do the opportunities we let slip through our fingers become fuel for faster aging? We think John Barrymore made a great observation on aging when he said: Continue reading

Teachable Moments

They say experience is the best teacher, but is that always true? Are everyone’s experiences the same? What if the world you see and feel looks completely different to others experiencing similar things? Are you a member of a group or particular culture? Do you have a close-knit family? Do you have strong religious or political beliefs? Do you ever get high or take mood altering drugs? Are you rich or poor? Could any of these factors alter your perception of certain events? Are you in a receptive emotional state? How might your emotions affect your experience? We think Aldous Huxley made an excellent point when he spoke of learning from experience in this quote.  Continue reading

Missed Shot

A nerdy young man spots a pretty woman about his same age at a party. He would love to dance with her or have any excuse to strike up a conversation, but he wavers. A woman sees an ad for a open position at work. She would love to apply, but she knows two others who also want it and they might be more qualified. An old man thinks back on his life and wonders what his life would look like if he had only taken that trip to Europe in his twenties. A woman celebrates her thirty-sixth birthday and wants a baby. Her boyfriend is willing, but they aren’t married and their income seems iffy. All of these people want something. All fear taking the steps to move forward. What role does fear have in holding you back? We like the way Wayne Gretzky put it when talking about taking a chance in this quote… Continue reading

From Each According To Their Ability

Has anyone who is better at something than you are ever belittled you for doing it wrong? How did that make you feel? Is it fair to measure everyone by the same standards? Is it reasonable to expect the person who has never run a a foot race will beat the current Olympic gold medal champion? Would you automatically conclude the person who flunked out of high school is the best choice to remove your brain tumor? Should your mechanic only be allowed to work on your car if he can sing opera like a star? We like what Albert Einstein said about judging people for a perceived lack of ability in this quote: Continue reading

Drones Are Set To Destroy Our Way Of Life


You didn’t ask for it, but they promise to bring it to you anyway. What is the “it” we’re talking about? Package drone delivery. In case you missed it, Amazon.com is promoting a new video, which shows an insect-like drone picking up a package, flying it up and out of their distribution center, and straight to your doorstep. The promise is delivery within 30 minutes of your order. If you appreciate anything about the life you have now, get ready to say good bye to it. Continue reading


If you need to fix a complicated problem or desire to achieve an important goal how will you go about it? Will you seek out help? Will you attempt it on your own? Will you try enlisting a friend to assist you? What if your friend offers a better solution than the one you came up with? Do you see yourself acknowledging him for it or will you tell others it was all your idea? And what if someone you dislike or even despise insists on helping you? Will you give them credit in the spirit of selflessness or will you allow your feelings to get in the way? We think Harry S. Truman had an excellent point when he said… Continue reading

The Road To Wealth: Mastering Personal Finance


Not all bumps are this clearly marked.

Have you hit a bump on the road to wealth?

How can you turn your dreams for a better life into reality? Whether you are in debt up to your neck, scrapping by, or starting to get ahead, it won’t hurt to check and see if you are doing everything in your power to improve the odds. Here are 10 steps we believe can make a real difference: Continue reading

Songs Of The Heart

What song lies buried in your heart? Do you need permission to sing it? Are you waiting for someone else to tell you whether it is good enough—in other words, whether you are good enough? Can you find happiness in the simple act of being and expressing who you are? Is it enough to follow your heart, or do you feel compelled to rely on others to discover truth or meaning? Are you grateful for the life you have? Can you find beauty, joy, or some degree of peace in accepting who you are? Should who you are or what you do have to mean anything to anyone but you? We like what Maya Angelou expressed about being in this quote… Continue reading

How Old?

How old do you feel? Do you think your age defines you? Do you wish you could go back in time and redo certain parts of your life? Do you ever regret getting older? How old is too old? When you look in the mirror are you surprised by how you look physically? Do you dress differently now that you’re older? Do you think differently? Do you do the same things now you did 5, 10, or 20 years ago? We like how Satchel Paige put it when he asked about age in this quote.
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