Great Savings 50 – Buy A Smart Phone


Smart phones do a lot more than making calls.

Is it time to upgrade? Yes!

You may wonder why a website dedicated to simplifying life and getting by on less would suggest owning a smart phone. In truth, there is a lot wrong with technology, especially when it threatens to poke its nose into every aspect of our lives. We need balance to thrive, balance which can easily be upset when a device like a smart phone demands our attention at all hours of the day and night. Yet there are some significant benefits that are difficult to ignore. Continue reading

Great Savings Tip #100 – Go Green

Another Great Savings Tip from

Today’s tip: Go Green


This post is part of our Great Savings Tip series, designed to help find ways to spend less and save more. With today’s post we’ve made it “All The Way To 100!” Continue reading

Great Savings Tip #95 – Cut Your Water Bill


Water is a precious resource.

Clean, drinkable water is a precious resource.  In the U.S. where most of us can safely drink the water from the tap, we often forget that water is still carried by hand from a well or other water source in some developing nations.  Yet, even in the U.S., occasional flooding or the chemical runoff from industry and farming sometimes threaten our supply of drinkable water.  Cutting down on the use of water is therefore important not just from the obvious cost savings on our monthly water bills, but in protecting our fresh water resources.
Continue reading

Great Savings Tip #75

Saving power recycling your old refrigerator.

Today’s tip: Recycle The Extra Fridge.

This post is part of our continuing Great Savings Tips series, designed to help find ways to spend less and save more. Join us for new tips every week until we bring our tip count “All The Way To 100!” Continue reading

Learn About Money On YouTube


YouTube is a great money resource.


In case you aren’t in on the secret yet, YouTube™ has become a tremendous video library of free education. No matter what subject you are interested in, it’s likely that many videos have been made about it—often by teachers or true experts. When it comes to money, there are plenty of instructional videos available. In this article, you’ll see how easy it is to find them. Just as important, you’ll learn tips for avoiding the scams and misinformation that are also found on this amazing online resource. Continue reading


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