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It’s been awhile since we first introduced our Great Savings Tip (GST) series. For those who may still be unfamiliar with it, these are tips you can use for cutting the cost of living and for saving more money. Our goal is to find ways to improve the quality of life, build long-term wealth, increase choice and opportunity, and discover ways of creating more by using less. We are continually updating this list. We have updated a number or our original tips and created complete new ones whenever we’ve felt we had better information to share. Be sure to follow along. You won’t want to miss this series.


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A Word On Our Updates


To help you track our updates, we’ll put a diamond (♦) in front of all our updated tips as we go forward. In our original series, Tips 1-65 were posted in groups of 3 or more. All new tips will be posted individually. The links below will take you either to our original tip or a new updated tip and provide you with much more detail. In some cases, we’ve changed a tip completely. There is a lot of new information here. You’ll find some “tips” are actually a whole collection of ideas, so be sure to read each one. Good luck and great savings!

Great Savings Tips


Tip #1) Start A Savings Plan Today – Take the first step.  Commit to making change starting today.

Can you jog to work.

Tip #2) Seek The Help Of Others – Don’t go it alone. Help comes in a variety of forms.

Tip #3) Cancel Unused Services – Take control of your spending. If you’re not using it, it’s time to lose it.

Tip #4) Make Your Own Repairs – Try fixing it yourself. There are lots of resources to help.

Tip #5) Utilize Free Services – Why shell out money when you can get way more than you might realize for little or nothing?

Tip #6 ) Change Your Credit Card Habits – The way you use your cards may be robbing you of a secure financial future. Here’s what to do.

Tip #7) Cut The Cost Of Habit And Addiction – Addiction can literally destroy a persons ability to build wealth. Take control before it’s too late.

Tip #8) Limit Unconscious Spending – 5 Tips for becoming a smarter, more savvy shopper.

Tip #9) Swap Goods, Time and Talent – You can save thousands, live better, and never touch a dime. Maybe it’s time to start trading.

♦ Tip #10) Spending Consciously To Build Wealth – Try this annualizing trick to make better spending decisions and build long-term wealth. This one trick alone can save tens or even hundreds of thousands.

Tip #11) Saving Money On Groceries – Try these 10 tips for saving money on the food you buy and end up with better health in the process.

Tip #12) Eating For Health And Wealth – See why cutting added sugars can save much more than money.

Tip #13) Cut The Cost Of Rent – Are you spending more than you should for the place you call home? Major expenses like rent significantly impact the ability to accumulate wealth.

Tip #14) Save On Investing – Learn these 8 tips for cutting the cost of investing. Saving money as you invest means you end up with much more when you need it.

Tip #15) Rent, Borrow or Buy Used – Try these 5 strategies for spending less on the items you want and need.

Tip #16) Make Financial Goals Achievable – To set attainable goals start by looking at the big picture.

Tip #17) Never Borrow From An ATM – That cash advance loan you just took out on your credit card costs much more than you realize.

Tip #18) Maximize Your Income – Are you doing everything you can to maximize your income? Even a few dollars a month makes a huge difference.

Tip#19) Less Is Really More – Another way to look at wealth is to consider how money equals opportunity. There are real costs in accumulating possessions, some unexpected.

Tip #20) Thrive Through Self Discovery – How do you know what you want until you know who you are? Don’t waste precious resources on things you didn’t need in the first place.

♦ Tip #21) Take Responsibility For Actions – Personal responsibility is a powerful tool. Use it to take control of your future.

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♦ Tip #22) Tune Out To Tune In – You’re being hammered with messages to buy. Fight back. Don’t let others tell you what you need in order to be happy.

Tip #23) What You Own Owns You – What if having wealth isn’t about accumulating material possessions, but about the freedom to pursue opportunities? Food for thought as you consider building a brighter future.

Tip #24) Redefine Retirement – Why is it so hard to save for retirement? Think of it this way and maybe it won’t be.

Tip #25) Leveraging Income – Are you frittering away your time? Discover how leveraging time equates to earning more income and why it matters so much.

♦ Tip #26) The Power of Gratitude  – Find out why gratitude turns out to be a critical ingredient for accumulating wealth. Saying thanks can really pay off.

♦ Tip #27) Buy In Bulk – Bulk buying can save a lot of money, but only if done right. For the best savings stick to these 8 bulk buying tips.

♦ Tip #28) Money And Happiness – Is it more important to be happy or wealthy? Can you ever separate the two? Find out.

Tip #29) Opt Out Of Financial Peer Pressure – Here are 5 ways to resist the pressure to overspend.

♦ Tip #30) Save Gas – Here are 8 quick tips for saving money at the pump.

 Tip #31) Talk $ense – Is it time to get rid of that land line. Are you paying too much for your voice and data plan? If you’re looking to cut phone-related expenses here are several factors worth consideration.

Tip #32) Cut The Cost Of Home Ownership – Owning a home is expensive, but these 7 tips can help manage the costs.

Tip #33) Protect Your Credit – Your credit affects the cost of the goods and services you buy. Use these 4 easy steps to protect it.

♦ Tip #34) Cash Is King – If you consistently rely on credit cards and carry a balance you’re paying way more than you realize for everything you buy. Find out why.

Tip #35 ) Wait To Buy – If you’re ever tempted to buy on impulse you’ll appreciate this handy rule. It can literally save thousands.

Tip #36) Avoid Bank Fees Like The Plague – Banks fees add up over time and you can avoid them. Take these 4 steps.

Tip #37) Protect Your Data – Backing up data is easier than ever, but unless you have a plan you’re open to losing critical personal and financial files. Here’s what to do.

♦ Tip #38) Put Savings First – Learn the difference between savings and investing and see why it’s important to focus on putting savings first.

Tip #39) Grow Your Own Produce – Discover 6 reasons it pays to grow your own produce.

Buying smart makes my tail wag.

I love the feeling I get when I pay with cash.

♦ Tip #40) Embrace Exercise –  What good is having wealth if we’re not healthy enough to enjoy it?

♦ Tip #41) Embrace Cooking From Scratch – It pays big to learn how to cook from scratch. And no, we’re not just talking about money.

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Tip #42) Spend Less Than You Earn – A simple concept, right? Then why is it so hard to follow through on? Use these 6 tips to insure your success.

Tip #43) Give More With Less – Try one of these 12 methods for spending less on gifts.

♦ Tip #44) Change Your Passwords – Learn how to make a strong password and how a strong password can help protect your financial future.

♦ Tip #45) Save On Heating And Air Conditioning – Check out these 15 ideas for saving money on heating and cooling your home.

♦ Tip #46) Diversify – Find out why it’s critical to diversify your investments and why you can do to protect yourself from huge loss.

Tip #47) Insure Against Catastrophic Loss – Here’s what you should consider in order to prevent a big loss.

Tip #48) Focus On Prosperity – Don’t waste precious time and energy. Focus on the things that matter.

Tip #49) Ethics And Wealth – How you go about building wealth is important. Live the life you can be proud of.

Tip #50) Buy A Smart Phone – Learn how owning a smart phone can help save money and manage wealth.

♦ Tip #51) Building Better Relationships – Learn why it’s so critical to build relationships when it comes to improving the  quality of life. Plus, here are 6 steps to try.

♦ Tip #52) Think Outside The Box – We do many things with our money because we feel constrained by the expectations placed upon us. Learn out to break free and build a brighter future.

Tip #53 ) Cut Back On Life’s Noise – Excess noise causes stress, but in this case the type of noise we refer to is all the interruption and attention required by living a modern lifestyle.

Tip #54) Embrace Your Passion – Life isn’t only about money. Take the time to discover your passion. Make life happen don’t just take what it gives you.

♦ Tip #55) Save On Extended Warranties – You’re buying something new. Should you extend the warranty? Here are 7 guidelines to help you decide.

Tip #56) Lead With The Details – You can’t succeed if you don’t have a handle on the details.

Tip #57) Meet Problems Head On – Don’t wait before it’s too late. Set goals and use these easy steps to achieve them.

♦ Tip #58) Stop Lying To Yourself – Are you avoiding or ignoring a money matter? Maybe it’s time to ask yourself a few questions.

Tip #59) Build Hope For The Long-Term – Discover the power in investing and saving long-term.

♦ Tip #60) Embrace Change – The change you seek is possible, but the steps aren’t always obvious.

Tip #61) Embrace Virtual Records – Save money, cut clutter, and get organized. Join the digital revolution.


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Stay tuned…We will be updating the following tips soon.


Tip #62) Make your own lunch.

Tip #63) Install a programmable thermostat.

Tip #64)  Turn down the thermostat on your water heater.

Tip #65) Rent out a room in your home.

Tip #66) Start a smorgasbord night.

Tip #67) Opt down or out of cable TV.

Tip #68) Make your own frozen fast foods.

You can opt in on a deal if you want.

Companies like Groupon can deliver big savings.

Tip #69) Save money with generics (drugs, too).

Tip #70) Avoid cosigning any loan.

Tip #71) Be pro-active against car theft.

Tip #72) Purge the urge to splurge.

Tip #73) Insulate your water pipes.

Tip #74) Buy a big screen TV.

Tip #75) Recycle the extra fridge.

Tip #76) Invest In A 401K.

Tip #77) Make your own gift and holiday cards.

Tip #78) Buy term life insurance.

Tip #79) Entertain with a potluck.

Tip #80) Cut your wedding down to size.

Tip #81) Floss at least once a day.

Tip #82) Spend less on a beautiful garden.

Tip #83) Hold a garage sale.

Tip #84) Simplify your finances.

Tip #85) Save with higher deductibles.

Tip #86) Think free entertainment.

Tip #87) Save on kids toys.

Tip #88) Think cremation over burial.

Tip #89) Synergy.

Tip #90) Prioritize spending.

Tip #91) Do your own home repairs unless…

Tip #92) Protect yourself from identity theft.

Tip #93) Save on travel expenses.

Tip #94) Cut moving expenses.

Tip #95) Cut your water bill.

Tip#96) Cut your taxes.

Tip #97) Spend less on an education.

Tip#98) Sweat the small stuff.

Tip #99) Save Money Buying Real Estate

Tip #100) Go Green


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