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Welcome to our home projects page. Home projects come in a variety of shapes and forms so expect these tips to be varied. Our home projects are really any project around the home that might make more sense trying to do on your own, or with a friend.  There are a lot of reasons for trying to be self-sufficient, like saving money and that sense of accomplishment that comes from being able to complete a task using your own hands.  Just be sure to take all appropriate safety precautions and go in prepared.  Good luck!


Our Tips


Home Project Tip 1 - Cleaning Windows

Let the light in. Clean those windows!

*Home Project Tip 1 – Cleaning Windows

Cleaning windows is one of those tasks no one seems to like to do, but if you follow these tips you may find the job is easier than you think.


Home Project Tip 2 - Cleaning The Stove

This stove is as good as new.

*Home Project Tip 2 – Cleaning The Stove

There are different ways to clean depending on your stove.  Be sure you are using the right products so you don’t scratch your stove’s finish.


Home Project Tip 3 - Cleaning The Oven

I’ve ignored it as long as I can. Time to clean the oven.

*Home Project Tip 3 – Cleaning The Oven

Whether yours is a self-cleaning oven or you have to rely on elbow grease, here are some valuable tips for cleaning your oven including a green alternative.


Home Project Tip 4 - Plastic Containers

I hate it when the cabinet explodes. Time for a fix.

*Home Project Tip 4 – Plastic Food Containers

I was fed up with Tupperware constantly falling out of my cupboard every time I opened the door.  I think I’ve discovered a permanent solution and I wanted to share it.


Home Project Tip 5 - Cabinet Pullouts

With my new pullouts there’s no more digging around for lost items.

*Home Project Tip 5 – Cabinet Pullouts

Pullouts are those little shelves on rollers than sit inside your cabinets.  Talk abut a way to increase the efficiency of your storage space!


Home Project Tip 7 - Hanging Blinds

I enjoyed helping my friend with her project.

*Home Project Tip 6 – Hanging Blinds

A friend needed help installing a blind and I realized this is a project most people can do for themselves.


Home Project Tip 7 - Hanging Pictures

Hanging is easy, but hanging in the right place is almost an art in itself.

*Home Project Tip 7 – Hanging Pictures

Hanging pictures involves some easy mechanics, but there’s also an art to it worth consideration.  Try these tips.


Get a good vacuum. It's worth the investment.

Having the right tool for the job makes a huge difference.

*Home Project Tip 8 – Vacuuming:

Think it’s a pain to vacuum?  These tips make the job easier and will help to keep your floors looking great.


Home Project Tip 9 - Dirtiest Places.

This remote is overdue for cleaning.

*Home Project Tip 9 – Dirtiest Places

If you just vacuumed and mopped the floors you may think your place is spic and span, but unless you clean these things you could be swimming in goo.


I bet I find some moldy food in the refrigerator.

It’s high time to clean this baby.

*Home Project Tip 10 – Cleaning The Refrigerator: 

Does your kitchen smell?  Have you checked the fridge?  In fact, has it been a couple months since the last time you cleaned it.  Check these tips for keeping a healthier fridge.


These gutters need flushing out.

I needed a quick gutter fix.

*Home Project Tip 11 – Fix Those Leaky Gutters: 

My gutters were leaking, but I wasn’t ready to shell out thousands for a new system.  Thankfully, this turned out to be an easy fix.


A little gap shouldn't be a problem. Just avoid big gaps.

Gutter Guards

*Home Project Tip 12 – Gutter Guards: 

I installed my own gutter guards and saved thousands.


You may need to buy cabinet knob screws.

Cabinet Knobs

*Home Project Tip 13 – Installing Cabinet Knobs:

Installing knobs is fairly simple, but there are several issues you may want to consider before you go to drill.


Adjustable shelving includes the wall mount strips and brackets.

Adjustable Shelves

*Home Project Tip 14 – Installing Adjustable Shelving

If you have clutter the answer could be as easy as installing a few extra shelves.



Changing a light fixture is a fairly easy project.


Home Project Tip 15 – Changing A Light Fixture


Ever wanted to switch out an old light fixture for a new one, but thought you have to shell out money to an electrician? Maybe not. Check this tip to see if you can do the job yourself.



 There’s more help coming your way.

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