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A hundred dollar bill.Gold and diamonds.You never know what will go up and what will go down.


Building A Brighter Future


Hoping for a brighter future is a start, but it isn’t enough.  You need a plan.  Now, while there is no one right or wrong way to invest, it pays to understand a few basics before risking your hard-earned cash.  Check out the links below for dozens of ideas on successful investing strategies.


12 Strategies For Successful Investing

♦ Are you doing everything you can to protect your money?


A Key Secret To Winning As An Investor

♦ Controlling losses is critical.


Are Speculators Gamblers?

♦ See what makes gambling and speculation different and why it’s important for investing.


Avoiding Joint Financial Disaster

♦ How diversified are you as a couple?  It matters.


Collecting Rich Dividends

♦ Investing in dividend stocks can pay big time in the long haul.


Diversification:  A Safe Money Machine

♦ Thoughts on diversifying your portfolio. One strategy that works.


Great Savings Tip 14: Save On investing

 ♦8 tips for saving money on the cost of investing. You won’t want to miss this.

Great Savings Tip 45 – Diversify

♦Learn why diversification is such an important strategy to prevent loss and build long-term wealth.


Is An Annuity Right For Me?

♦ If your tolerance for loss is low, you may want to consider an annuity.


The Lazy Investor

♦ See why lazy portfolios and passive trading may be the best wealth building strategy of all.

The Road To Wealth: Mastering Personal Finance

♦You have to start somewhere. Are you taking these 10 steps?


What Kind Of Investing Is Best?

♦ Here’s a basic primer on the different types of investments.


Great Savings Tip 76 – Invest In A 401k

♦ Are you throwing 1000’s of dollars away?


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